Advocating for Fiscal Responsibility: CUB Ohio and Union of Concerned Scientists Submit Joint Reply Brief on Legacy Generation Resource Rider Audit

CUB Ohio and the Union of Concerned Scientists submitted our joint post-hearing reply brief on the 2020 Compliance Audit for the Legacy Generation Resource Rider for Duke Energy Ohio, Inc., the Dayton Power & Light Company, and AEP Ohio, responding to certain arguments made by the Companies, Staff of the PUCO, and other parties as it pertains to customer-funded subsidies of the 1950s-era coal-fired electric generation plants. The brief was the final step of a two and a half year effort by CUB Ohio and UCS to oppose the $117.9 million in above market costs borne by ratepayers for the continued operation of these plants.

Along with OCC, OMA, Kroger, OEC, and Sierra Club, CUB argued that the Commission should disallow some or all of the above market costs that were based on unreasonable decisions made to keep the plants burning coal no matter the cost. The decision is now in the hands of the PUCO, but there is no timeline.

Read Trent’s full brief to learn more.